{nautical elegance- above & below the sea}

She’s a business owner, a volunteer, a wife, and a mother of three young children – she’s Supermom. A busy schedule though left her Asian-style living room bare and untouched.


Supermom wanted her home to “reflect the peace and harmony of the ocean” while keeping it sleek, classic, and nature-inspired. Her and the family’s love for the ocean made it easy to pick the perfect motif for their living room…

  • style: nautical elegance- above & below the sea
  • location: miami, florida
  • decorator: chic technique
  • design challenges: the red leather attached to sectional, developing a beach theme without over-doing it, and no time for diy projects.

under the sea

elegant beach living room
A picture I took in Bimini was the inspiration behind this room. It conveys the colors and feel of this serene, elegant living room. Supermom loved everything – except for the slipper chair. So I gave her a few different ones to choose from….


here’s the result…

above the sea

Supermom’s recently redecorated family room wasn’t quite done- she wanted a few extra details for a special touch and asked for my help. Since the living room had more “under the sea”- type details I decided to go for an “above the sea” theme for a harmonious but different look. Sailboats, compasses, and lanterns also reflect this family’s love for boating.

Mirta's family room inspiration board

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18 Responses to nautical elegance- above & below the sea

  1. Wow… you did an awesome job. I mostly love how the living room came out.

  2. I love that blue wall color and the sunburst mirror in the living room. The white furniture against the deep blue walls look amazing. Good job!

  3. Eunice

    I was able to see this home, it came out so beautiful. The navy color that you choose totally change the room. You out did yourself.

  4. Elika Lopez


  5. Lisi

    Very pretty! Good job Jessie!

  6. Laura

    Once again you out did yourself…. you have an amazing gift… beautiful job !

  7. Danny

    I saw this makeover and its awesome!

  8. Rey

    I’ve been to the house and the transformation is very refreshing. Everything from the color pallet to the furnishings and accents. The house was pretty to begin with, but the new look and feel says lets have fun in the sun!

  9. Priscilla

    I happen to be supermom’s daughter and our living room looks amazing. Before the dull brown color made the room feel boring and plain, now it feels like we are in our favorite spot in the world………….The ocean. ‘o’

    • Priscilla, I’m especially happy to hear that you like your family’s new living room! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

  10. Rick M

    The colors are great going with the nautical theme… I love the siamese fighting fish on the table!


    I absolutely love the transformation! I smile everytime i pass by the room, it definitely brings great memories of all our wonderful times in the ocean. Thank you so much Jessie for making this happen, I would have never been able to do it without you and your wonderful assistant! lol