{how to make a spotlight}

my inspiration

After seeing the difference upright lights made at this party, I wanted them for the old hollywood party …badly. It would set the mood & help people forget they were in 2011… and at my grandmother’s house. Since food covered most of the budget though, I had to keep decor as cheap as possible – preferably free. Renting the lights were out of the question so I had to get creative using things I already owned or could borrow.

voila! not bad for a super easy diy, right?

mission: dirt-cheap spotlights


supplies for spotlight
  • buy rectangular tissue boxes in bulk (I had purchased mine at Costco a few weeks earlier)
  • ask every close friend/family member for their lanterns
  • grab a bottle of unfinished spray paint (my mom had the prefect gray in her garage)

here’s another stop motion “how to” video in under 1 minute…

{Song: This Modern Love by Bloc Party}

Can’t see the video? How to make a spotlight. See more of Chic Technique’s stop motions here & here.

help wanted

Speaking of DIY missions, I’d love some name ideas for my “how to” series.

It has to convey the simplicity of my diy’s- how they are as uncomplicated, unfussy, & unexpensive (oops, I mean inexpensive) as possible. They’re from a lazy crafter, & made for the lazy (or time-pinched, broke, bored, unenthusiastic, or all of the above) crafter.

This is what I came up with…

  • the slacker’s diy
  • no fuss missions
  • easy peasy diy

Any ideas?

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6 Responses to how to make a spotlight

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  2. Eunice

    I Love your how to make a spotlight video, very talented.
    What about ” The How to Girl” or ” The How to ….by Chic”

  3. Danny

    Can you tell me, How you do those videos? Great Job!

    • My videos are a quick slide show of pictures ( each is a quarter of a second). It requires some work, but having two people makes it much easier since one person moves the set while the other acts as the photographer. A tripod & my talented husband make it all possible.

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