{give your event that old hollywood glam}

  • event: 25th anniversary party
  • space: family residence
  • location: miami, fl
  • designer: chic technique

here’s how I did it….

This event was held at my grandmother’s house, so it definitely needed some work in order to feel special. A red carpet, a crafty invention, and some helpful guidance for guests took us back some 60 years to a more glamorous time.

the lighting

I’ve posted before about the huge difference lighting can make at a party here and here.

This is what I used to create a romantic glow throughout the home…

old hollywood party lighting

Click here for a tutorial on how to recreate this little invention of mine (and yeah…I’m very proud!)

the decor

What I purchased…

  • red carpet ($6.99 at Party City)
  • red roses ($5 from a street vendor)
  • hershey’s kisses (around $10 at Costco. Unfortunately, I spent much more at Walgreens)
  • black & white photos to make the number “25″ ($.15 each)

What I brought from my party stash and mom’s home (it’s decorated with elegant, glamorous accents that were perfect for the event)…

  • sliver candle holders
  • sliver vase
  • apothecary jars to hold kisses
  • sliver platters/chargers
  • fake pearl necklaces for table top
  • sliver 5×7 frame

(Sorry about the blur, this is the only photo of this table.)

the cake

The sliver and very classy, red velvet cake by Sweet Escape Cakes added to the elegance of the decor.

provide good guidance

This is one aspect of the event that is out of your control. You can’t ensure everyone will dress according to the theme, but you can make it more likely by providing some helpful guidance. I sent this inspiration board along with the invites so guests could get a feel for the dress of the time.

old hollywood glamour

For male guests who requested more help, I suggested a suit (preferably black to keep it formal) and adding a pocket square, cuff links, and a slim tie or bow tie. If able, a must for the guys is the slicked back hair. Tutorials like this one can help. My brother-in-law nailed the Clark Gable look. Yes, the mustaches are fake – they were drawn on using liquid eye liner. I would avoid the soul patch my husband drew on at the end of the night though. ;)

For the ladies, I suggested an evening dress they already own and giving it the old Hollywood look by imitating the hair and makeup of the time. Flashy accessories can also give that dress you wore to the last wedding that Old Hollywood Glam.

the photo shoot

It wouldn’t feel Old Hollywood without the paparazzi. Guests enjoyed acting as though they were alongside Humphrey Bogart at the Oscars with a “photo-shoot.” It served as entertainment throughout the night and now guests have plenty of photos to remember the night.
Set your camera on a tripod and have guests pose on the red carpet. Tip: Don’t use your camera’s flash, but shine light from a different angle to get the paparazzi-like shot. We got this photo by accident when someone else took a picture from a few feet away at the same time. 

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21 Responses to give your event that old hollywood glam

  1. Laura San Martin

    You did such an awesome job! your very creative and thank you always for giving us party ideas..

  2. kat.

    that looked so amazing! you nailed that old hollywood glam look for yourself too, jessie!

  3. This party looked amazing. I love all of it.

  4. Eunice

    I had the pleasure of being a guest at this party. The house was built in the 50′s but it needed a lot of décor to pull off this look and you were able to do it. I love how everyone dressed up and was playing the part, with their hats and gloves and long ball gowns. It seems like we were in one of the scenes of the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Everyone had a great time!

    • Thanks girls. It was really fun dressing up even though I was running so behind when decorating I had to rush through my hair and makeup!
      Mom, I could not have done it without you! Thank you for your help that night.

    • That\’s a mold-brekear. Great thinking!

  5. Gus

    You did an awesome job! Thanks for all the attention to detail and all the hard work! I am glad that you were able to turn our special occasion (25 year anniversary) into an opportunity to show all of us how talented you are.

  6. Liz

    We had a great time and the decoration made the night seem very special

  7. Janet Berdini

    Jessi – the party was fantastic. Your ideas were very creative and I loved the old Hollywood theme and lighting. You did a great job. Thanks for a great evening!!!

  8. Rick M

    Looks like it was a very nice party… Decorations were 1st rate!

  9. Lisa Meadows

    I want to know how you made the luminary spot lights

  10. baker boxes

    I learned alot by reading your post. I have been reading your page alot over the past few days and it has earned a place in my bookmarks.

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  12. Celina

    The spot lights are such a fantastic idea! Thanks for the video. You are amazing.

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  14. Emili

    the spot lights fantastically wonderful!

  15. Nina

    Thank you for the lovely ideas! I can’t wait to try to kleenex box idea! And the party picture were faboulous thanks again!