{seaside glamour: part 2}

the surfer and the fashionista’s new place….

  • style: seaside glamour
  • location: miami, florida
  • decorator: chic technique
  • design challenges: keep the walls white, have a minimalist/uncluttered look, & no diy projects while keeping costs as low as possible

the entryway

why it works…

  • coral and capiz shells make the beach-inspired style clear upon entrance
  • frames personalize the home
  • floor-to-ceiling curtains create a grand feel & make the ceiling appear higher
  • the entryway is completed with a capiz shell, sunburst mirror which perfectly sets the tone for the seaside-glamour style of the home

the living room

why it works….

  • the existing rattan pieces were kept to save money and give the room a soft, warm feel
  • the round table balances out the boxy seating arrangement
  • eye pleasing symmetry is seen with the 3 square pillows below the 3 square frames
  • the pillow design complements the entryway mirror
  • the white walls suit the beach house look I was going for (you’d never guess there was a no-painting rule here)
  • the gray rug introduces an extra color and prevents a blue overload
  • sleek, modern furniture suit the owners’ taste and “no clutter” rule

the dining room

*wall art & placemats to come

why it works…

  • the existing rattan dining set had a great, tropical vibe so only the cushions were replaced to freshen the look
  • the white chandelier adds a little glam to the area
  • the long, blue curtains add some much needed color to the white walls & the nearby all-wood kitchen

the guest room/office

why it works….

  • the surfboards became the inspiration for this casual, beach side room
  • the spare room being converted into an office allows the dining room table to be used for it’s intended purpose and keep piles of papers and techy stuff out of site when guests arrive
  • aqua and orange accents add to the fun, youthful atmosphere
  • blinds were used instead of curtains to keep the tone casual


  • click here to learn more about the surfer & the fashionista
  • see the shopping list here

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20 Responses to seaside glamour: part 2

  1. Eunice

    What a transformation, the apartment is Gorgeous!

  2. judy

    LOVE IT! Wonderful airy, comfortable, beachy feeling. I assume this was a NY residence. And if it is, wow – who needs to go on vacation?! Step in the door and the tranquility begins.
    Bravo, Jess!!

  3. Liz

    I can’t believe it is the same place. It looks really cool. Anyone would really like to hang ten here! Great job

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  5. Gus

    Great job! Looks totally different. Did your friends love it?

  6. Ruth

    Very nice. Is this your apartment? Looks very pretty, loved the living room!!

  7. Lisi

    OMG I recognize this house!!!! ;) It looks AMAZING Jess!!!! What a difference! It’s revamped! So fresh and cool and soothing. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I would have to say that it matches the owners of this house, and the colors compliment the surfing and Hawaii and Island traveling hobbies they share. Nice Job Jessie!!!!

  8. Thank you! I’m really happy with the outcome and so are the surfer and the fashionista! It matches them perfectly.
    Judy, this home is actually in Miami, but it would be nice to live in a place like this during our long winter months.
    Ruth, this isn’t my place, I just decorated it. This is my apartment–> http://chictechnique.com/2010/12/my-home-part-1/

  9. Wow Jessica!————- you are good at what you do! I love how clean and new everything looks, not to mention organized. I am usually not crazy about bold floral prints, but the way you used it in the “surf board” room *esp in the rug*, carried the color and lines through. It didn’t stand out as flowers, it simple worked. Your clients must be thrilled! Keep it up…and thanks so much for including me on this update. I will see you when I get back. Don’t feed Aladin too much cumin in the the meantime. Love to Elvis.————————————-x lk11

  10. J0hanna

    Wow! It looks so beautiful! My favorite part was how nice it looks without painting the walls which I thought was always something that was required when decorating a home. I really see the impact that accessories truly have in decorating a home. It is truly inspirational. Jessie, you’ve got a gift!

  11. Leslie

    The room looks great. I’m not a fan of rattan furniture at all, I was sad to see that you weren’t so bold as to consider painting the pieces: a soft grey wouldn’t get lost in the walls and would have made a huge statement.

    I love the choice in couches and the accessories are great (love the cheap ikea rug- I love a good deal)

    • Thanks Leslie! I really like your idea of painting the rattan gray; I was actually thinking of staining the pieces in the living room dark brown but since this home is in Miami and I am in NYC, it was decorated electronically. The couple who live here are very busy and didn’t have time for DIY projects so it came down to either buying something new or leaving it as is. I’ll keep your good suggestion in mind for future projects though.
      I appreciate the feedback anytime!

  12. Celina

    WOW!!! What a makeover! And knowing that you were able to put this all together from miles away makes it even more amazing. Loved the whole theme, looks elegant but fresh at the same time, very inviting. So happy for the fashinista and surfer boy couple.

  13. Beth C.

    Wow! I love the way you mixed the blues and browns-warm & cool together. It all looks very nice. The colors remind me of a summer breeze on the beach. The colors really open up the place. It’s like you brought the beach inside. You did a great job!!!!

  14. Mirta Morales

    Jessie, I absolutely love this look for my living room. I already have the white couches, we just need to refinish the leather on the end tables (it’s red). Hopefully we can get together soon. Keep up the good work, your ideas are (as my kids would say) MARVELOUCIOUS!

  15. Bryan

    Very cozy! I like the cool, beach-like feel to it.

  16. Thanks for all of your feedback, it’s really encouraging & helpful. This gives me an idea… http://chictechnique.com/2011/04/attention-chic-admirers/

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