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It’s nice living in a city full of museums. Nearly every time my family come around to visit we go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art – one of my favorites. So I’ve been there…a lot. During my last visit though, I noticed something I had never noticed before. Something that brought up all sorts of ideas and interest.  It wasn’t the thousand-year-old artifacts, the Monets, or the Picassos. It was the color of the walls! Silly, I know, but they were really great shades.  Having toured the Met so many times, I guess the museum walls became the exhibitions this time around.

Of course, I had to share this with you. I made an effort to find the closest-matching paint colors to try at home. Enjoy!

second floor european paintings*4/21/11 update

“room’s with a view” exhibition wall colors

A recent art review from The NY Times mentioned the Met Museum’s “wonderful shade of oyster-grayish white” that decorates the walls of their current exhibition “Rooms With a View: The Open Window in the 19th Century.” One of my lovely readers brought this to my attention and I had to find out exactly what colors were used to make “this pale, elegant hue.” I got in contact with the museum and they kindly provided me with the colors (I love helpful people!)

So here it is… you’re very welcome!

where each color is used in the exhibition…

  • Benjamin Moore, Silver cloud 2129-70: Entrance gallery, walls and molding;  Galleries 2 & 4, wall above the chair rail
  • Benjamin Moore, Pale Oak, OC-20: Galleries 1 & 5, wall above the chair rail
  • Benjamin Moore, Collingwood, OC-28: Galleries 1 & 5, wall below chair rail
  • Benjamin Moore, Metallic silver 2132-60: Galleries 2 & 4, wall below chair rail
  • Benjamin Moore, Silver half dollar 2121-40: Drawings gallery 3, above the chair rail
  • Benjamin Moore, Silver Spring, 2120-50: Drawings gallery 3, below the chair rail

I love these grays. They would look so clean and soothing in my bedroom. hmm…I’ll let you know what I decide soon.

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16 Responses to color inspiration at the met

  1. Eunice

    I have been to the Met at least four times and I have never notice the colors on the walls, you have a good eye for details. I will look at that next time I go.

  2. Danny

    I’m always impressed with the decor in the MET. I would love to have some of those inspirations in my home.

  3. Taking pictures of the wall colors at the MET? So that’s why you kept disappearing! I really like the Schoolhouse Slate and the Secluded Garden colors. Good eye!

    • Jessica

      I just had to record the inspiration! :) Schoolhouse slate is my favorite one. It would look great in the bedroom.

  4. Liz

    My sons room has been blue since the day he was born may be the the Schoolhouse Slate would appeal to him since now he is older.

    • Jessica

      hm…that gives me an idea…give me a few days and I’ll send you a few ideas or his room.

  5. jeri

    Do you know the paint color for the walls in the current exhibit “Room with a View”? A lovely light/white grey.

  6. jeri

    From The New York Times: The first thing that distinguishes “Rooms With a View: The Open Window in the 19th Century,” a compact, quietly splendid exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is simply this: Its galleries have been painted a wonderful shade of oyster-grayish white. In the context of the Met, where the walls of special exhibitions tend toward plum, russet or evergreen, this pale, elegant hue is the visual equivalent of smelling salts.

    This is the color I’m looking for.

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