{jewelry can do more than make you look pretty.}

Jewelry is eye candy- it sparkles, it’s delicate, it’s pretty. Who says they could only be admired when worn?

Since a friend asked me for a solution regarding the tangled pile of jewelry she has in a drawer, I thought I’d show what I did at home and a few other ways jewelry could double as décor while being easy to keep organized and handy.


I use a jewelry stand, cupcake holder, glass box, & IKEA’s Noresund to stash my stuff.

more jewelry stands…

jewelry stands

here are a few DIY ideas…

"basic formula: bulletin board + ribbon + decorative tacks + cup hooks = fun & functional jewelry organization!" - boatman blog

jewelry tree by centsational girl

easy peasy earring holder from the Trey & Lucy blog

repurposed antique printer drawer. buy it on etsy.com


and my favorite…

glass knob jewelry frame. buy it on etsy.com

Have any other ideas? Let me know in a comment below.

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10 Responses to jewelry can do more than make you look pretty.

  1. liz

    These are all very creative they are like funtional art and jewlery at the same time thanks for the ideas

  2. Lisi

    I have one of these really cool jewelry stand. Mine is in the shape of a corset. It is all black wire and it holds so much! I bought mine about 4 years ago at a TJ Maxx for under $20. I love that thing! Its perfect for those messy gals (like moi :D). Just through it on top or hoop it in. Definitely a good item to own.

  3. I must say, I like this idea a lot. It’s way cheaper than buying you jewelery boxes and looks nicer too. :-)

  4. Sally

    I follow your recommendation on a jewelry holder, I was tired of having to detangle my necklaces. I bought this, Thanks http://www.thisnext.com/item/37F152F4/Gold-Birds-on-Branch-Jewelry

  5. Vanessa

    LOVE every single idea. Especially the cupcake stand, I have one that quite honestly I never use, so I’m excited to have another use for it. Your so creative, can’t wait to try more of your suggestions. Keep the posts coming! I always thought it would be impossible for me to have an artsy looking room, but your ideas I feel I can honestly do. thanks!

    • I’m glad you found a way to repurpose your cupcake stand. I hate having things that aren’t in use and still take up space so I just hold on to it for a little while until I find a need it could fill.

      It’s really not difficult to have a room you love. The hardest part is getting the idea, thankfully there are a lot of good ideas out there in magazines & sites for us!

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