{chic technique hiatus}


We’re going on a hiatus but here are some past chic techniques that are, like always, easy on the eyes and easy on the pocketbook.


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{nautical elegance- above & below the sea}


She’s a business owner, a volunteer, a wife, and a mother of three young children – she’s Supermom. A busy schedule though left her Asian-style living room bare and untouched.


Supermom wanted her home to “reflect the peace and harmony of the ocean” while keeping it sleek, classic, and nature-inspired. Her and the family’s love for the ocean made it easy to pick the perfect motif for their living room…

  • style: nautical elegance- above & below the sea
  • location: miami, florida
  • decorator: chic technique
  • design challenges: the red leather attached to sectional, developing a beach theme without over-doing it, and no time for diy projects.

under the sea

elegant beach living room
A picture I took in Bimini was the inspiration behind this room. It conveys the colors and feel of this serene, elegant living room. Supermom loved everything – except for the slipper chair. So I gave her a few different ones to choose from….


here’s the result…

above the sea

Supermom’s recently redecorated family room wasn’t quite done- she wanted a few extra details for a special touch and asked for my help. Since the living room had more “under the sea”- type details I decided to go for an “above the sea” theme for a harmonious but different look. Sailboats, compasses, and lanterns also reflect this family’s love for boating.

Mirta's family room inspiration board


{you’ll love this: fishs eddy}


I love unexpected finds…

I was headed for the West Elm in the Flatiron District (or at least I think it’s the Flatiron District) when I walked by the store Fishs Eddy. I had never heard of it before but the adorably vintage-looking kitchen items I saw through the window had me hooked. I had to stop inside.

This place is definitely for anyone who loves the Big Apple, whether they live here or not. There you can find dinnerware featuring New York’s skyline and a Brooklynese coffee set that has “Cawffee” on it’s mugs.

my purchase…

The plates in their Bridge & Tunnel Collection caught my eye since it included the Verrazano, the bridge nearby my Bay Ridge apartment. The coasters look great on our door-desk.

also at fishs eddy…

At Fishs Eddy you can also find serveware in all shapes an sizes, more kinds cake stands than you can ever imagine, and dinnerware in a huge variety of colors.  If you love all things unique, have a thing for vintage kitchens, or have a place in your heart for NYC, this is place to go.

how you can get other people to buy you this cute stuff…

You can even create a gift registry with Fishs Eddy.  You must admit, it would be way more fun to have your bridal registry here than with Bed Bath & Beyond. If only I had known that back in ’08 for my wedding.

If you’re nowhere near their Manhattan store, check out their online store. Don’t you just love how the internet makes where we are in the world insignificant?


{a simple & elegant nursery for two}


In Brooklyn, certain things are a luxury – a dishwasher, a driveway, a daily commute that doesn’t include a homeless man, a mariachi band, bed-bug host, and the occasional weirdo. It all boils down to a lack of space; too many people in a city that isn’t cheap. Whereas many children across the US enjoy a room of their own, it’s a luxury in NYC.

One Brooklyn family of three just got bigger. They asked for some help turning their 3 year old daughter’s room into a nursery for two with the arrival of their new baby boy.

  • space: shared nursery for a baby boy & 3 year old girl
  • location: brooklyn, ny
  • style: simple, sweet, & elegant
  • decorator: chic technique

design challenges

  • small room (appro. 8×10 )
  • girl’s pink furniture & bedding is of Disney princesses (not negotiable)
  • color scheme must include lime green (walls are painted that color)
  • keeping it cheap & chic (as always)

the prince & princess sleep here

Since Mom asked for a simple and elegant nursery, the room is made up of soft colors – pink and baby blue with light green as the neutral. In order to make sure the pink princess furniture harmonizes with the rest of the room, I used a prince & princess theme. Not overdoing it was key, so only a few pieces were needed to develop the theme – the wall plaques, a crown coin bank, a castle growth chart, and bed/crib canopies (diy’ed by nailing the Ikea curtains to the wall.)For additional wall art, these customizable prints from Etsy seller Tambo Creations were the perfect fit. Everything else was either from Ikea or Target – two of my fave places to furnish on a budget.

Pictures of the completed room are coming soon.


{how to make a spotlight}


my inspiration

After seeing the difference upright lights made at this party, I wanted them for the old hollywood party …badly. It would set the mood & help people forget they were in 2011… and at my grandmother’s house. Since food covered most of the budget though, I had to keep decor as cheap as possible – preferably free. Renting the lights were out of the question so I had to get creative using things I already owned or could borrow.

voila! not bad for a super easy diy, right?

mission: dirt-cheap spotlights


supplies for spotlight
  • buy rectangular tissue boxes in bulk (I had purchased mine at Costco a few weeks earlier)
  • ask every close friend/family member for their lanterns
  • grab a bottle of unfinished spray paint (my mom had the prefect gray in her garage)

here’s another stop motion “how to” video in under 1 minute…

{Song: This Modern Love by Bloc Party}

Can’t see the video? How to make a spotlight. See more of Chic Technique’s stop motions here & here.

help wanted

Speaking of DIY missions, I’d love some name ideas for my “how to” series.

It has to convey the simplicity of my diy’s- how they are as uncomplicated, unfussy, & unexpensive (oops, I mean inexpensive) as possible. They’re from a lazy crafter, & made for the lazy (or time-pinched, broke, bored, unenthusiastic, or all of the above) crafter.

This is what I came up with…

  • the slacker’s diy
  • no fuss missions
  • easy peasy diy

Any ideas?